Audience granted by the MINMIDT to the Director General of African Intellectual Property Rights Organization OAPI.

Greetings and congrats for his new appointment as MINMIDT present the Organization and the structure of which he happens to be the country administrator. The structure is made of over 100 detached civil servants over 80 of which are Cameroonians, 2018-2022 strategic plan has been adopted by the board meeting which aims at boosting local products; pepper of penja and Red cocoa. On the aspect of Technological development, the funds put at the disposal of the organization have been used some sort of bench marking is being made to raise funds to that effect. The acquisition process for its land title is underway. The Minister promised to give a helping hand on this issue, haven worked with MINDCAF before.

An International Conference on Geographical Indications is being planned by the world body of Intellectual Property Rights for Yaoundé come 3,4 and 5th of June 2019. The second issue is the board meeting that will this year hold come December 10 in Njamena Chad Republic with expectations on the participation of the Minister. Extended Invitation to visit the Headquarters of the African Organization. The construction of the local antenna of Cameroon intellectual Property organization especially a documentation center for Intellectual property to the tune of 500 million cfa the file is hooked up at the level of land acquisition about 1000 to 15000 square meters. The Minister on his part made a request for logistics for the Department of Technological Development and Industrial Property that is in acute need of vehicles, to ease their field deployment.

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